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Security Room

Cloud Physical Security by Verkada

A Smarter Way to Secure Your Space

Verkada is a fully integrated hardware and software solution that strengthens safety and simplifies security ownership. Today, our suite of connected devices provide enterprise organizations with meaningful insights into the health and safety of their environments. In the future, we’ll deepen our use of machine learning to continue building technology that protects people, places and privacy at scale.

Video Security

Verkada’s line of hybrid cloud security cameras combines powerful edge–based processing with the limitless capabilities of cloud computing. With Verkada’s hybrid cloud architecture, cameras analyze events in real–time, while simultaneously leveraging Verkada’s industry–leading computer vision technology for instantaneous insights that bring speed and efficiency to incident investigations.

Access Control

Verkada Access Control combines enterprise–grade access control with a powerful, cloud-based management platform for a solution that’s always simple, secure, and ready for scale.
Starting with Verkada’s Access Controller, users are able to bring plug–and–play simplicity to managing doors and access across their organization. Access Controllers work with your building’s existing door hardware and readers.


Built on Verkada’s cloud–based Command platform, Alarms provides organizations with tools to detect and respond to threats across their physical spaces.
Verkada Alarms leverages data captured across Verkada devices including cameras, doors, environmental sensors, and intrusion sensors to identify important events and provide visibility as incidents unfold.


Verkada’s SV11 is an all–in–one sensor for monitoring environmental changes in physical spaces. With a collection of powerful embedded sensors, the SV11 simultaneously measures air quality, temperature, humidity, motion, and noise.


Verkada Guest is a visitor management solution to welcome and manage all types of visitors, including vendors, interviewees, delivery personnel, and employees. With visitor management incorporated into Verkada’s cloud based Command software platform, authorized individuals can gain unparalleled visibility into the activities of everyone in the building – employees and guests.

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