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Cloud Device Health Alert Monitoring & Notification

Keeping your organization running

What is Cloud Device Health Alert Monitoring & Notification?
Cloud device Health Alert monitoring allows an organization to be not only notified of any issues that may occur with your cloud device but also this is a way for the HTS vNOC to take action when an event occurs. Alerts would include cameras being down, network devices not responding, hard disk failure/faults, and even systems down. These alerts would generate tickets to the HTS vNOC and, from there, the analysts to take action using troubleshooting techniques, working with the vendor, and working with the internet provider to resolve the issue in a timely manner. By use of Bright Gauge, the vNOC team can generate real-time reports that would allow any company or organization on problematic devices, which devices create the most tickets, and so much more. Bright Gauge can be customized to meet any needs. 

Services Include :

  • 24x7x365 Monitoring

  • Connectivity support for 3rd party vendors

  • Remote troubleshooting

  • Reports / Audits

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